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Get More Done Than Most Do in 6 Months!


Gain laser clarity on your workflows and workloads to increase your team's
productivity and  profitability - and make strategic, scalable decisions for your business - in just 6 weeks!



💥 You'll gain access to live weekly trainings with Kristen David, resources, and more, along with the accountability and structure you need to!

💥 Live Office Hours with a UYB Coach every week and access to the exclusive Boot Camp Facebook Group

💥 Owners - you can DELEGATE this Boot Camp to your team, freeing you up to run your business!

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Owner, Admin, and Selected Team Members may attend

Increase Your Team's Productivity and Your Profitability!

Having clear, documented workflows and a strong understanding of each employee's workloads will give your team the tools they need to be productive - all while allowing you to hire strategically and profitably!


🥾 Clear Workflows are vital to your team's ability to work productively. 🥾


Do you notice "hiccups" and bottlenecks where there shouldn't be any?

Are you concerned about whether your employees' workloads are balanced and appropriate -
and when you should strategically hire additional team members?

Do you wish there was a way to accurately forecast your growth and hiring strategy based on your current activity? (There is!)


Mapping your Workflows and analyzing your Workloads will solve these issues - and this Boot Camp is designed to help your team do so quickly and effectively!


The WHO Shall Do WHAT By WHEN Workflows and Workloads Boot Camp gives you everything you need to create and implement the resources you and your team need!

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In Just 6 Weeks, You and Your Team Will:

Week 1: Develop High-Level Workflows

The first step to mapping out your Workflows is to create the 10,000 and 5,000 foot views. This process will help you and your team gain an overall understanding of how each Workflow works together - and how your team can better communicate and collaborate.

  • Learn how workflows apply to all areas of your business
  • Discover an easy method for building out your workflows
  • Use your Core Values to get your team excited to build workflows
  • Commence building out 10K and 5K views of a workflow

Week 2: Create Detailed, Concrete Workflows

Once you have the high-level Workflows in place, it's time to figure out the details. In this step, you will take your Workflows from conceptual to concrete - and set the foundation to make strategic hiring and delegation decisions that fit your unique business.

  • Dive deeper to build out a more detailed workflow
  • Discuss Technical Services and how to track them
  • Break assignments down into manageable tasks


Week 3: Build Your Departmental Workflows

This is where your team will flesh out the nuances of your Workflow Policies and Procedures, examples, templates, checklists, and scripts so that your team can successfully run the systems - and you can build a business that allows you to thrive!

Remember, you don't have to do it all yourself!

  • Review the need for workflows in every department
  • Review example workflows by department:
    • Admin
    • Financial
    • Sales/Intake
  • Building the workflows, policies & procedures, and systems

Week 4: Workloads and Pods

Having mapped out your Workflows at each level, you and your team will be equipped to analyze the Workloads of each team member. This will help you make accurate, strategic decisions, both now and in the future.

We will also provide training and resources to help you implement profitable, productive Pods on your team, equipping you to serve your clients better and grow even faster!

  • Pods: where you are and where you want to be
  • Workloads: breaking down how much time is needed for different actions
  • Planning and scalability

Week 5: Gross and Net Profit Margins

Your Workflows and Workloads impact your ability to strategically delegate and make strong, profitable hiring decisions. In this module, you will gain the training and resources to strategically plan for maximum profitability!

  •  Learn how to determine gross profit margins by service & offering
  • Learn to determine net profit margins
  • Streamlining using the 5 R.U.L.E.S. of Profitability




Week 6: Using Workloads to Forecast

Mapping out your Workflows and analyzing your Workloads allows you to make sure that each team member is equipped to do their most productive, satisfying, and profitable work - and it allows you to plan for profitability. In this module, you will learn to use your Workloads to more accurately forecast your business growth and scale to the next level!

  • Forecasting with your workloads
  • Forecasting your $$$ business growth
  • Forecasting for profitability



What Can I Expect?

In this Boot Camp, you can expect to get more done in 6 weeks than you probably have in the past 6 months!

To equip you to do this, we have created a structure designed to help you and your team get the most out of this experience.

🥾 Each week, you and your Admin and chosen team members will gain access to a 60-minute video training by Kristen David.

🥾 All of your materials, including weekly replays, will be in your Kajabi portal. To keep you on track, this material will be dripped each week.

🥾 Your team will have approximately 2-3 hours of homework each week to split between members of the team. Owners - you can choose to be involved, but this is the perfect Boot Camp to delegate to leaders on your team! Assignments will be announced each week during the course and will be due by the following week.

🥾 You and your team member(s) will also have access to a private Facebook group where you can find support and accountability from both a UYB Coach and fellow students. This is also a great place to share your wins!

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Discover What Our Previous Boot Camp Members Have to Say!

Kim F.

I participated in Kristen David’s Hiring and Onboarding boot camp and it is THE WAY to boot your hiring process into overdrive. The materials and insights gained are worth far more than the price. This boot camp will help you build a Rockstar hiring process that will save you, time, money and aggravation. Automate and systematize as much of this tedious process as possible. If you want to have the best team, you have to have a system for finding them, vetting them and onboarding them. This boot camp will get you there with some help from the Kristen David team.

Ululani A.

Kristen David is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is very knowledgeable, experienced and helpful! We have implemented the things we have learned in her boot camp at our law firm and it is going really well! We highly recommend the boot camp! 5 stars!





Workflows Aren't Just For the Technical Team!

Mapping out your Workflows and understanding your team's Workloads will benefit EVERY area of your business - including your Marketing Team.

Are you ready to help your Marketing Team work at an even more profitable level? The Workflows and Workloads Boot Camp will give you the tools you need!

Equip Your Sales Team to Become Even More Profitable!

In the Workflows and Workloads Boot Camp, you and your team will learn the strategies to help each facet of your business - including your Sales Team - streamline their tasks and realize a stronger ROI.


Meet Kristen David

As a young attorney, I worked 80+ hours per week to build my practice - and though I loved my work, I had no freedom.

After ten years of trying to juggle it all, I leaned how to truly run my business like a business. I wrote a business plan and executed on the things that matter.

I doubled and then doubled again over 18 months as I  implemented the systems in all areas of business that allowed me to regain my freedom.

When I sold my successful law practice, I began coaching and teaching lawyers across the country (and all around the world) how to build and manage their businesses while living the life they love.

Since then, I have built a business that allows me to do what I love - coaching and teaching entrepreneurs in a variety of industries.

I teach them how to manage their businesses through the replicable policies and procedures that have allowed me to double my own business, multiple times, while still taking time for myself.

Nothing beats a growing, profitable business and being able to spend time connecting with friends and family, sometimes at home and sometimes while visiting places I had previously only dreamed of.

This is what I would love to share with you!

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