Upleveling Your Business Presents:

How to Build Your Rockstar Marketing Team
As You Grow!

Your Marketing Team is responsible for one of the most essential - and one of the most fast-paced - areas of your business. Hiring the right people at the right time is key!

In this free training, you will learn the strategies and details you need to consider when growing a profitable, productive Marketing Team at each stage of your business!

What is involved?

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#3: Watch the Webinar and Kristen will walk you through ideas of how to build a profitable, high-producing Marketing Team at each stage of your business - and how to utilize their skills to scale!

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Kristen David

I successfully built a 7-figure business and sold it. What I learned is that it is not that hard when you have a clear plan. That plan will propel you forward on days when things seem tough.

These days, no one teaches us how to run our business like a business...at least they didn't in my law school. That is why I'm dedicated to helping business owners learn to build a profitable business and find their freedom!

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