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You will receive the resources and laser-focused training you need to create and implement Departmental and Positional KPIs throughout your entire company - skyrocketing your productivity and profitability!


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Get ready to increase productivity in your company!

You are building the systems your business needs and hiring great people to run them, but productivity could be better. When your team has tasks that aren’t tied directly to goal numbers, how do you measure their performance - and how can you help them improve?


The answer is KPIs.


Key Performance Indicators aren’t just tied to metrics like sales and social media reach - they can be used to measure performance and productivity for every role in your company.

Join Kristen David for an in-depth, easy to use training - broken down into bite-sized nuggets you can implement NOW!


In this training, Kristen will lead you through developing positional and departmental KPI scorecards for over 15 positions and each department in your business. You will leave with the resources, training, and motivation to implement this process in your company!


We know you are busy and that your time is precious, so we have designed this workshop to offer you an amazing amount of content in just 3 hours. You don't have to do it all at once though - during your free implementation call, we will provide a timeline and road map tailored to your needs!

You won’t believe how much this process and the accountability it offers will skyrocket productivity and profitability in your small business!

Kristen David

As a young attorney, I worked 80+ hours a week to build my practice - and though I loved my work, I had no freedom.
After ten years of trying to juggle it all, I learned how to truly run my business like a business. I wrote a business plan and executed on the things that matter.
I doubled and then doubled again over 18 months as I implemented the systems in all areas of business that allowed me to regain my freedom.
When I sold my successful law practice, I began coaching and teaching lawyers across the country (and all around the world) how to build and manage their businesses while living the life they love.
Since then, I have built a business that allows me to do what I love - coaching and teaching entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. I teach them how to manage their businesses through the replicable policies and procedures that have allowed me to double my own business, multiple times, while still taking time for myself.

Nothing beats a growing, profitable business and being able to spend time connecting with friends and family, sometimes at home and sometimes while visiting places I had previously only dreamed of.
This is what I would love to share with you!


Create & Implement Your KPIs!

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