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Get More Done Than Most Do in 6 Months!

Build and Implement an Automated Hiring System and Your Onboarding University
in just 6 weeks!



💥 Live Course Wednesday Nights at 4 pm PST / 7 pm EST, Starting April 14th;

💥 Homework due every Monday (because we are going to make sure this is one project you get done!!!)

🥾 Boot Camp Price:  $6,000

(Owner and Admin may attend)

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🥾 If your business is growing quickly,
your team will need to grow as well.

In order to grow your team sustainably, you need to hire the right people at the right time.
This involves more than just hiring them, though - you also have to:


🥾 Attract and vet the right people with the right skills and personalities
🥾Interview them
🥾Check their references
🥾 Extend the offer
🥾 Hire them
🥾 Onboard them
🥾 Train them according to your policies, procedures, and culture


You NEED a solid system in place.

You NEED an Automated Hiring System.

You NEED an Onboarding University.


This is not an easy thing to create and implement, especially if you're starting from scratch! Don't reinvent the wheel - work with a proven system and get the accountability you need to get it done!


The WHO Shall Do WHAT By WHEN Hiring and Onboarding Boot Camp gives you everything you need to build and implement
your own Hiring System and Onboarding University.

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In Just 6 Weeks, You Will:

Build the Foundation for a Successful Hiring System

Maybe you're too busy to start the hiring process from scratch - or maybe you're not sure what should even go into that process. In this Boot Camp, you'll not only receive over 120 downloadable, editable documents to help you put your hiring and onboarding system in place, you'll also get the training, accountability, and motivation to implement it!

Develop and Implement Your Own ATS System

An ATS, or Applicant Tracking System, is the perfect way to automate and systematize your hiring process. In Week 2, you will discover some of the best options for your own ATS - and you'll learn how to put it into place in a few actionable steps!

With your ATS in place, you'll be ready for the next step - creating the perfect framework for your unique business!

Create and Implement Your Onboarding 


Once you have the right foundation and your ATS System in place, you'll be ready to create and implement your Onboarding Blueprint. You will receive over 30 editable documents to help you build your onboarding checklists, onboarding agendas, and complete your full onboarding program.

Develop A Framework for Housing Your Systems

As you bring new team members on, you will need to have your departmental systems, policies, and procedures housed in a way that makes them easy to access. After all - if your team can't quickly find the systems they need, they can't implement them!

You will learn about the platform options and strategies you need to make this information easy for your team to access, follow, and implement.

Create and Implement Your Onboarding University

There are a few different ways to build your Onboarding University, depending on your specific business needs. You will learn how to structure your University as well as strategies your team can use to build, implement, and test the entire project.

You will also discover security tips to keep your Onboarding University secure!

Build Your Departmental and Positional KPIs and Scorecards

Departmental and positional KPIs and Scorecards are key to training your team and helping each employee understand how their tasks impact your company's quarterly and annual goals. They are also vital tools for holding your team accountable and evaluating each person's productivity. You will gain access to 15+ scorecards and the training you need to create and implement your KPIs!

What Can I Expect?

In this Boot Camp, you can expect to get more done in 6 weeks than you probably have in the past 6 months!

To equip you to do this, we have created a structure designed to help you and your team get the most out of this experience.

🥾 Each Wednesday night from April 14 to May 19, we will meet on Zoom for 1 hour of training and 30 minutes of Group Q&A.

🥾 All of your materials - over 150 downloadable, editable documents and the video replays - will be in your Kajabi portal. To keep you on track, this material will be dripped each week.

🥾 You (as the owner) and a team member you select will have approximately 4.5 hours of homework each week to split between the two of you. Assignments will be announced each Wednesday during class and will be due by the following Monday.

🥾 You will also have access to a private Facebook group where you can find support and accountability. This is also a great place to share your wins!

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Meet Kristen David

As a young attorney, I worked 80+ hours per week to build my practice - and though I loved my work, I had no freedom.

After ten years of trying to juggle it all, I leaned how to truly run my business like a business. I wrote a business plan and executed on the things that matter.

I doubled and then doubled again over 18 months as I  implemented the systems in all areas of business that allowed me to regain my freedom.

When I sold my successful law practice, I began coaching and teaching lawyers across the country (and all around the world) how to build and manage their businesses while living the life they love.

Since then, I have built a business that allows me to do what I love - coaching and teaching entrepreneurs in a variety of industries.

I teach them how to manage their businesses through the replicable policies and procedures that have allowed me to double my own business, multiple times, while still taking time for myself.

Nothing beats a growing, profitable business and being able to spend time connecting with friends and family, sometimes at home and sometimes while visiting places I had previously only dreamed of.

This is what I would love to share with you!


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