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Keep Your Team on the Same Page!

 When you hire a new employee, how long does it take to for them to acclimate to your team? To learn all the ins and outs that "come naturally" to the rest of your team?

With a General Systems Manual, you can cut this time - and effectively onboard your team members for a fraction of the cost!

💥 Quickly and easily communicate your company policies to your entire team

💥 Build a solid culture that allows your team to innovate and thrive

💥 Enhance communication between you and your team

Our General Systems Manual creates the foundation for success!

  • Chapter 1: Mission, Core Values and Culture
  • Chapter 2: Day to Day Operations
  • Chapter 3: Filing, Naming and Organizations Systems
  • Chapter 4: Deadlines and Proactively Moving Matters Forward
  • Chapter 5: Calendaring
  • Chapter 6: Communications Systems - Clients
  • Chapter 7: Team Communications
  • Chapter 8: Surrounding Ourselves with a Great Team
  • Chapter 9: Growing Our Thriving Team
  • Chapter 10: Vacation/ PTO/ Reimbursements
  • Chapter 11: Creating Raving Fans
  • Chapter 12: Accounting - Client Related.
  • Chapter 13: Tracking and Reporting Metrics & Data
  • Chapter 14:  Monthly Maintenance of Policies and Procedures

Supercharge your business and save over 10 hours of build time by grabbing your copy today. 

Cheers to building equity in your business and equipping your team for success!

**Important Note for Business Owners**

Our Classic Marketing Systems Manual Package is designed for businesses with 1-3 Marketing Team members and up to approximately $2.5 million in annual revenue. If this description fits you, awesome! Simply fill out the form below, pay the discounted fee, and you're all set!

If your Marketing Team and/or revenue is larger, please click here to purchase the Beta to our Premiere Marketing Systems Manual. It is designed with larger businesses in mind and includes everything in the Classic Package as well as systems for your publicist, funnel strategist, SEO and online presence specialist, ad manager, and more!

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What's Included in the Marketing Systems Manual Package?

Glad you asked!

This package includes everything you and your team will need to build and implement strong marketing systems in your company - and set your Marketing Team up for success!

Save thousands of dollars and dozens of hours (If not more) by using a proven framework and templates to build the marketing systems your business needs to grow!

  • Comprehensive, editable 100+ page Marketing Systems Manual
  • 8-week timeline for your systems build
  • Video Rollout Strategy, broken into bite-size nuggets for ease of implementation
  • A free 30-minute Implementation Call with one of our Systems Coaches to help you build an action plan
  • Checklists, templates, trackers, and examples to equip your Marketing Team for success 

Ready to drive your business forward and save money?

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Marketing Systems Manual -
Volume 1

Volume 1 includes the Policies, Procedures, and resources that every business needs.

Whether you are a solopreneur or have an established team, this package will provide the strong foundational marketing systems to drive your business forward - and equip your Marketing Team for productivity and success.

In Volume 1, you'll find over 100 pages of systems, including:

💥Chapter 1: Goals of Marketing💥Chapter 2: Preliminary Marketing Plan💥Chapter 3: Backend Marketing💥Chapter 4: Written Content Marketing💥Chapter 5: Planned Publicity💥Chapter 6: Networking💥Chapter 7: Events: Speaking, Webinars, Workshops💥Chapter 8: Social Media💥Chapter 9: Audio/ Video Capture, Editing and Use💥Chapter 10: Repurposing Content💥Chapter 11: Graphic Design & Branding💥Chapter 12:  Creative Deliverables💥Chapter 13: Tracking & Reporting💥Chapter 14:  Marketing Team💥Chapter 15:  Maintaining & Improving the Marketing Policies and Procedures.

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Marketing Systems Manual -
Volume 2

Volume 2 is designed for businesses that have a larger Marketing Team and are ready for more extensive marketing efforts.

If your business is over $1 million per year (or quickly approaching this level), the Policies, Procedures, and resources in Volume 2 will equip your Marketing Team to take things to the next level.

In Volume 2, you'll find a 100+ page Policies & Procedures Manual and resources, including:

💥Chapter 1: Goals of Marketing💥Chapter 2: Advanced Marketing Plan💥Chapter 3:  Pocket Marketing Campaigns💥Chapter 4:  Primary Product and Program Development💥Chapter 5: Additional Services to Help Clients.💥Chapter 6:  Email Campaigns💥Chapter 7: Direct Mail Campaigns💥Chapter 8: Writing, Publishing and Marketing a Book💥Chapter 9: Podcasts💥Chapter 10: YouTube💥Chapter 11: Online Presence💥Chapter 12: Internet Advertising. 💥Chapter 13: Tracking & Reporting💥Chapter 14:  Marketing Team💥Chapter 15:  Maintaining & Improving the Marketing Policies and Procedures.

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Get Both Volumes and SAVE!

Want to equip your team to build ALL of your Marketing Systems?

You can get both Volumes 1 and 2 during Beta for only $5,000!


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