Safeguard and Protect the Money In Your Business
With Clear, Effective Systems.

Being a Good Money Manager is Essential As a Business Owner!

Set Up the Financial Policies and Procedures that Will
Help Your Business Run Smoothly and Profitably.

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Money In, Money Out.

Without solid procedures and consistent checks and balances, your money in/money out can easily get out of control.

As a business owner, you have to be a
good steward of your money!

💲 If you need to get your cash flow under control...
💲 If you want to equip your bookkeeper to work productively in your specific business...
💲 If you want to stay on top of your monthly
financial reports and metrics...


💥 A Financial Systems Manual is
the Solution You Are Looking For!

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You know you have something amazing to offer...
and the sales just aren't converting.

But why?

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You know, the one that gets in the way during a sales conversation, that convinces you to focus on your product and talk about all the details rather than staying focused on your client's needs. That little voice can cause a lot of problems - and can sidetrack your sales, keeping your business from growing.


Lost opportunities are not only frustrating, they're also harmful to your bottom line. Whether you tend to go too far into the details (bypassing your client's needs) or undersell yourself (hello, impostor syndrome), a failed sales conversation is a missed opportunity.
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This just isn't sustainable. As a busy entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate - and your time is valuable. Spending time chasing sales that just aren't happening - or seriously undercutting your rates to try to make them happen - isn't a good use of your time. But what other choice do you have?
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A solid Financial System will save you time and stress - and add equity to your business!!



Financial Systems Manual!

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Don't leave your financial stability to chance.

In the daily hustle, many business owners overlook financial errors and mishaps that can have
a significant impact on your profitability and productivity.

Do you find yourself taking time out of your day - or worse, waking up at night -
to handle out of control financial situations?

Solid, proven Financial Systems will save you time, money, and hours of frustration.

Your Bookkeeper will be equipped to handle your financial tasks -
and you will have confidence that your financial system is running smoothly!

What You'll Get in Financial Systems Manual:

🔥 Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Bookkeeper Tasks

Equip your Bookkeeper to be productive from Day 1 with clear systems and trackers!


🔥 Comprehensive Video Training

Join Kristen David for short, value-packed video training modules to train you to be a great money manager - and to train your Bookkeeper to work productively!


🔥 Tips and Biz Nuggets

We know you're busy, so all of our programs are designed in bite-size biz nuggets so that you can find exactly what you need, when you need it.

We do this so you can implement the systems you need immediately!


🔥 25+ Page Policies & Procedures Manual

You will receive a comprehensive, editable Policies and Procedures Manual
so you can easily tailor it to your business!

🔥 Bookkeeper Checklists and Examples

Ensure that your Bookkeeper is ready to handle the job from Day 1 with
comprehensive checklists and examples for all main tasks.

Meet Your Instructor, Kristen David!

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As a young attorney, I worked 80+ hours a week to build my practice - and though I loved my work, I had no freedom.

After ten years of trying to juggle it all, I learned how to truly run my business like a business. I wrote a business plan and executed on the things that matter.

I doubled and then doubled again over 18 months as I implemented the systems in all areas of business that allowed me to regain my freedom.

When I sold my successful law practice, I began coaching and teaching lawyers across the country (and all around the world) how to build and manage their businesses while living the life they love.

Since then, I have built a business that allows me to do what I love - coaching and teaching entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. I teach them how to manage their businesses through the replicable policies and procedures that have allowed me to double my own business, multiple times, while still taking time for myself.

Nothing beats a growing, profitable business and being able to spend time connecting with friends and family, sometimes at home and sometimes while visiting places I had previously only dreamed of.


This is what I would love to share with you!

Rave Reviews About Our Programs!

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Brian R. - Chicago, IL

"This program broke all of the things down for me..."

If you're looking at this, you might be thinking about hiring a Marketing Assistant. I've been in that boat for a while, but I've found reasons to kind of push it off for quite some time because I've been afraid of all the things that I don't know. This program actually took all of the things that I need to know about what the Marketing Assistant can do, how to hire them, and broke it down into bite size nuggets that I was able to understand so that I can actually move forward and get the Marketing Assistant that I need.


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Laura F. - Atlanta, GA

"I have really enjoyed Kristen's marketing modules..."

Kristen's marketing modules are especially helpful...they broke down all the different ways we can market and how to implement those [methods] in our practices. I think like any small business owner, you may be looking for ways you can improve your marketing, targeting on things that would be beneficial to your ideal client and how to reach them. I would encourage you to work with Kristen to help build and grow your business.


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Sherri S. - Palm Harbor, FL

Do yourself and your business a great big favor and sign up today!

As business owners, we don't know what we don't know. The advantage to doing Kristen's program is that you're busy as a business owner, and she really breaks this down into bite size, easy to understand pieces. She makes it simple and easy and quick. She will take you step by step through every single piece, and you have lifetime access so you can go back and review. She even gives you the bonus pieces that you can download and save!


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Keep Your Cash Flow Under Control
And Your Finances Running Smoothly!

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Financial Systems Manual

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💥 Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Bookkeeping Tasks

💥 Comprehensive Video Training

💥 Tips and Biz Nuggets

💥 25+ Page Policies and Procedures Manual

💥 Bookkeeper Checklists and Examples

💥 Save Dozens of Hours and Thousands of Dollars - We Have Done the Hard Work for You!

Everything You Need to Build Your Financial Systems for Stability
and Profitability!

Only $3,000!

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