Upleveling Your Business Presents:

How to Create an Effective Marketing Packet

A strong marketing campaign might look like it’s simple to implement on the surface, but it requires a lot of planning and detail. It also requires great systems!

Join Jen Duncan, UYB’s Marketing Coordinator, for our January webinar. She will lead you through the process of planning an effective (and easy to execute) marketing packet!

In this training, Jen will cover:
✨ What is a Marketing Packet (aka How to Equip Your Marketing Team for Success)
✨ Driving the Results You Want (aka Getting Clear on Desired Results and End Goals)
✨ How to Write Copy that Resonates (aka The Nuts and Bolts)

Each participant will also receive a downloadable, editable workbook and a checklist that can be used by their Marketing Team!

This webinar is designed for Marketing Assistants and Marketing Coordinators - Owners and Admins will find it valuable too!

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Jen Duncan

Marketing Coordinator and Copy Coach, Upleveling Your Business

Messaging and content strategy is something I’ve been drawn to for most of my life. I enjoy writing, and I love helping people communicate and connect with the people they can have the greatest impact on.

I love helping our clients cut through the noise to find their perfect audience, scale their business, and develop the content systems they need!

As the Marketing Coordinator for UYB, I work with our Executive Team and Marketing Team to create and implement each of our marketing campaigns throughout the year. I'm excited to share strategies and systems to streamline your marketing systems!

     Many of us, myself included, find ourselves in the role as business owners but without ever learning how to market and manage a business. No one ever taught us how to run a business or write a business plan early on in life. We learned a little along the way.

     But what we think is ... THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY!

     Right? We watch other people build successful businesses, and we know there must be some elements that we are not doing that they are that is propelling them to the fast growth we witness. We watch them with their great team and systems running the business. We hear them talk about signing up more and more clients.  


      So how do they do that? 

     No judgment zone, I didn't know how to write a business plan or even what to put in it until someone taught me. But I can tell you this, once I did learn to craft a business plan, my business took off. Seriously, my staff size doubled, my profits doubled, and I finally started to find my freedom!  Gone were the days of being a slave to my business.  

     And it all started with crafting a business plan. 


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#2: Get started on building you business plan and if you want some help, 
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In this 30-minute session, we will help you get clearer on what your next steps are in writing your business plan.  
#3: Watch the Webinar and get more insights to uplevel your Business Plan in 60 minutes!

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This Business Plan Template

will give you the framework using our 4 Pillars of Successful Business Management so you can get started right away.

Pillar 1: Planning

Pillar 2: Marketing/Sales

Pillar 3: Management

Pillar 4: Financial

Whether you take advantage of this prep time or get on the webinar live and work on it then, 

do yourself and your business a favor and start investing in yourself and your future. 

A future filled with a streamlined business running with great staff and solid systems will allow you to be able to step away from your business and enjoy life! 
The time is now to get clear on what you want to build, and let us help you build a thriving, profitable business!  


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