Hire, Onboard & Work with a Client Happiness Coordinator

Start Implementing Immediately: Everything is built so you can immediately get the help you need and start implementing today! 

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#4 Hire, Onboard & Work with a Client Happiness Coordinator


What's Included:

  • Client Happiness Coordinator Mindset Formula: We show you exactly how to train a client happiness coordinator to engage your clients, create raving fans, stay organized, and have clear expectations on key performance each month.
  • 5 Steps for Hiring a Rockstar Client Happiness Coordinator: We give you the roadmap to attract top talent as well as the 5 steps for Hiring Success! 
  • Client Happiness Coordinator Onboarding Blueprint: We fast track the planning so you can easily onboard your client happiness coordinator, so they are productive in the first few days and understand your vision and the messaging to resonate with your ideal clients. 
  • In-Depth Marketing Activity Breakdowns: Our Fast Track Package includes detailed Marketing Systems so you can quickly delegate projects knowing the policies, procedures, checklists, examples, and templates have provided the right foundation for success!! The activities include: Client Happiness Calls, Sending Cards and Gifts, Obtaining Testimonials, Handling Client Complaints, Engaging with Client Surveys, Creating a VIP Referral Program and a 50+ page policies and procedures manual!