Building Webinars That Sell
with Dr. Dennis Cummins

Discover the strategies and systems that will equip you to build webinars that help you message your value, engage with your clients, and grow your sales!


10/24/20 8am PDT/ 11am EDT

Workshop Price:  $1500 per company

(owners and staff may attend)

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You Know You Should Be Using Webinars, but...


❌  You don't want to be seen as high pressure or "salesy"

❌  You’re not sure how to plan and write a high-converting webinar - or even what topic to speak on

❌  You want to authentically connect with your audience, but find it challenging to do so online

❌  You're wondering how to keep people engaged – especially when they’re not in the room with you



Upleveling Your Business Presents:

Building Webinars That Sell!


In this 3-hour workshop, you will learn the strategies to help you:

🔥  Pinpoint the content you want to teach

🔥  Establish your authority and expertise

🔥  Engage your audience authentically

🔥  Structure and launch your webinar

🔥  Overcome your fear of selling

🔥  And more!

In addition, you’ll also receive a 50+ page workbook and manual that will help you plan and implement every step of the process.

Dr. Dennis Cummins

Dr. Dennis Cummins is an Internationally recognized speaker, best-selling author and sales expert for elite providers of professional services.

Since 2008, Dr. Cummins has taught over 64,000 people throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia how to build business and become more successful by learning to message their value to their clients. Dennis is on a mission to take the mystery and the stress out of sales and selling.

He is committed to teaching Medical and Legal Professionals the science and art of comfortable, confident, shameless self-promotion.

In his latest book , Non-Professionally Speaking, Dennis shows you how to successfully and fearlessly combine the skills of sales and communication to attract better clients, close more sales and create massive profit.


Chris Naugle

America's #1 Money Mentor

CEO The Money School

My company has booked over $4.8 Million dollars in sales in the past 12 months thanks to the speaking skills and the webinar I developed with Dennis’ program and his coaching.  That should say it all. 

Dennis delivered beyond all expectations. His skills in Speaking, Marketing, Sales, and Promotional Messaging are unparalleled.

If you have the chance to work with him… DO IT!

Ken Levey

The Levey Law Group

I took Dr. Cummins’ Non-Professionally Speaking Program and was truly impressed with his ability to teach us how to talk about our firms in a way that is designed to attract high value, quality clients without needing to be a professional speaker.

Shortly after attending the program, I used his system to deliver two small talks which resulted in a bunch of great clients and almost $100,000 added to our firm’s bottom line! Was Dennis’ course worth the investment? Absolutely!

Jim DiBlasi, DC

Acworth Wellness Center

I’ve been doing presentations for about 40 years and they’ve been wrong.

This week I learned all the little things I left out, that I should have put in and all the things I put in, that I should have left out.

I want to thank you for sharing your system with me. Now it makes so much more sense. The way he explained it and showed us was awesome. The way that it all fits together is perfect.

Thank you, Dennis!

It's Time to  Consistently Grow Your Sales!


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Building Webinars That Sell

with Dr. Dennis Cummins

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$1500 per company

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