Your Financial Success Starts with
the Right Bookkeeper.  

  From finding, vetting, hiring, and onboarding
to tips on how to get the most out of your Bookkeeper,
we make it easy to
UPLEVEL your bookkeeping!

How the Bookkeeper Package works:

💡 Consume all 4 Modules in less than 3 hours!

💡We distill it down so you get the info you need FAST.

💡Our clients are BUSY business owners so our package is broken down into
bite-sized nuggets that are easy to consume.

💡 Our 4 Financial Controls Coaches EXPLAIN the lessons with reality-based example.

💡5 Tips to Better Communicate with Your Bookkeeper.

💡7 Checklists for Immediate Download.

💡10+ QBO Shortcuts

💥I Need This - Show Me How to Get Started!💥

**Important Note for Business Owners**

Our Classic Marketing Systems Manual Package is designed for businesses with 1-3 Marketing Team members and up to approximately $2.5 million in annual revenue. If this description fits you, awesome! Simply fill out the form below, pay the discounted fee, and you're all set!

If your Marketing Team and/or revenue is larger, please click here to purchase the Beta to our Premiere Marketing Systems Manual. It is designed with larger businesses in mind and includes everything in the Classic Package as well as systems for your publicist, funnel strategist, SEO and online presence specialist, ad manager, and more!

One of the most common issues we hear from our Coaching Clients
is that they're not sure how to hire and work with their Bookkeeper.


They know it should be easier, but they don't know HOW to make it happen.

DO any of these sound familiar?

❓➡️ Can my Bookkeeper do that?"

❓➡️ "I'm not sure what to ask for."

❓➡️ "When should I be getting my reports?" 

❓ "How do I know I'm getting the right value for what I'm paying for?"

These are all VALID QUESTIONS that we hear all the time. So if this is you, you are not alone. 

Hiring, training, and equipping the right Bookkeeper can not only save you time and money, it can also give you the accurate information you need to make strong decisions in every area of your company.

This Package gives you all the tools to find & vet bookkeepers so you hire the right one for your needs, and then all the tools to onboard & work with the person so your business thrives! 

What's Included in the Bookkeeper Package? 


The Bookkeeper Package is divided into 4 main sections:

Module 1: The Mindset behind Hiring the Right Bookkeeper

Module 2: Our Proven 5-Step Hiring Framework (including all hiring documents!)

Module 3: Our Onboarding Blueprint

Module 4: A Complete Roadmap for How to Work with Your Bookkeeper!

Each section has bonus resources to support you! From policies and procedures to hiring and onboarding documents to actionable checklists and short videos... we are focused on supporting you to hire, onboard, train and equip your Bookkeeper for success! 


This course is based on hours of training that we have led our clients and their Bookkeepers through - as well as some fantastic bonus training modules from our very own Financial Controls Coaches!


This package includes everything your Bookkeeper need to work productively and profitably from the start!

💥 Financial Record Keeping💥 Bank Reconciliations💥 Financial Reporting💥 Accounts Payable and Receivable💥 Payroll Management💥 Tax Preparation Support
💥Financial Analysis

Each Chapter comes with corresponding videos with tips and tricks! 

You'll also find bonus trainings for law firms, real estate, and professional services!


The Bookkeeper Package also includes an Implementation Call to set you up for success. 

We are on a mission to spark change around the world by helping businesses run more profitably with systems.  The materials in this Bookkeeper Package have helped hundreds of business owners gain control of their numbers, work effectively and strategically with their Bookkeepers, and discover how to use their numbers to grow every area of their business.


Get the Bookkeeper Package today and start
building your dream business running on systems!

I'm Ready - Show Me Where to Purchase!

Wave goodbye to mediocre service 

step into a world of excellence

by learning how to UPLEVEL your bookkeeping in 3 easy steps.


Step 1:  Buy this Package.

Step 2: Watch the bite-sized nugget lessons so you are empowered with knowledge and can use the tools we provide.

Step 3: Schedule Your IMPLEMENTATION CALL to get hands-on help!

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Everything You Need to Find the Right Bookkeeper & Get Them Up and Running Quickly!


You know you need to hire a strong Bookkeeper to help you stay on top of your numbers and run the right reports when you need them...but how do you find the right person?


And once you hire your new superstar, how do you onboard them?


Then, how do you delegate to them? Collaborate with them?


We have worked with thousands of small and medium business owners, and we have the vital tips to support you so you can reinvest 20+ hours of your precious time.

This is why we created the Bookkeeper Package! After talking with many of our clients, we realized the need for this package - and when our clients ask, we listen and act!

Ready to drive your business forward, get your numbers under control quickly, and save money?


 Get Access Now - Purchase Below! ⬇️

You might have some questions though... 

 💥 Do I have time to find the right person? We have you covered by giving you the key items you need to fast track.

💥 How do I onboard or delegate to your Bookkeeper once I hire? We've taken care of that for you as well!

💥 Can I afford to hire a strong Bookkeeper? Quite frankly, you can't afford not to. That's how much of a game changer this superstar is!


Discover the Art of Hiring, Onboarding and

Working with Your Bookkeeper!


From starting the hiring process through using the right resources and workflows, this package will cover everything you need including TIPS to help streamline your tasks.

We'll even give you and your Bookkeeper access to our Systems Coaches to help you implement the program smoothly!

Take Me to the Checkout!

Still not sure, jump on a call and let's collaborate if this is the right package for you.  We are vested in helping you uplevel your business and triaging what is most important to work on.  We think finding a superstar bookkeeper is a pretty big deal, but if you are not sure if you need this, then let's talk!