Need to Get Your Billing and Receivables Under Control, but Aren't Sure How to Move Forward?


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 As your business grows, you're finding that keeping up with your billing and receivables follow up is one of your biggest challenges.

You're definitely not alone!

 In fact, this is one of the biggest challenges that many small business owners face. Whether you're looking for a streamline process and A/R strategy OR you just don't have time to do it, we have your path forward charted and ready to execute. 

Hiring, training, and equipping the right Billing Clerk can not only save you time and money, it can also quickly increase your cash flow and make your company more profitable than ever!

💥 Think you don't have time to find the right person? We have you covered by giving you the key items you need to fast track.

💥 Not sure how to onboard or delegate to your Billing Clerk once you hire? We've taken care of that for you as well!

💥 Not sure if you can afford to hire a strong Billing Clerk? Quite frankly, you can't afford not to. That's how much of a game changer this superstar is!

Our Billing Clerk Package equips both the Owner/Admin and your Billing Clerk for success!

 From starting the hiring process through using the right resources and workflows, this package will cover everything you need. We'll even give you and your Billing Clerk access to our Financial Controls and Systems Coaches to help you implement the program smoothly!

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**Important Note for Business Owners**

Our Classic Marketing Systems Manual Package is designed for businesses with 1-3 Marketing Team members and up to approximately $2.5 million in annual revenue. If this description fits you, awesome! Simply fill out the form below, pay the discounted fee, and you're all set!

If your Marketing Team and/or revenue is larger, please click here to purchase the Beta to our Premiere Marketing Systems Manual. It is designed with larger businesses in mind and includes everything in the Classic Package as well as systems for your publicist, funnel strategist, SEO and online presence specialist, ad manager, and more!

What's Included in the Billing Clerk Package?


Everything You Need to Find the Right Billing Clerk & Get Them Up and Running Quickly!


You know you need to hire a Billing Clerk to keep up with your invoicing and receivables...but how do you find the right person?

And once you hire your new superstar, how do you onboard them? Delegate to them? Help them develop the right A/R strategy to keep your business running smoothly?

These are questions that many small business owners have, and all too often, these questions keep them in a rut of trying (and failing) to handle it all themselves.

 This is why we created the Billing Clerk Package! This package is split into two courses - one for the Owner and Admin, and one for the Billing Clerk. 

This equips everyone to find the training and resources they need quickly and work effectively from the start!

Ready to drive your business forward, get your A/R under control quickly, and save money?

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Billing Clerk Package and Systems Manual


The Billing Clerk Package includes 2 separate, effective courses. 

The first course, An Owner's Guide: How to Onboard and Work with a Superstar Billing Clerk, is designed specifically for the Owner or Admin. It is intentionally concise, giving you the targeted information, resources, and training you need. We provide the entire hiring and onboarding blueprint, making the process simple and streamlined!

NOTE: Owners and Admins will receive access to both courses, but only need to focus on the first.

✅ The Mindset behind Hiring a Superstar Billing Clerk

✅ Our Proven 5-Step Hiring Framework

✅ Options to Fast-Track the Hiring Process

✅ A Complete Onboarding Roadmap

The second course, A Guide to Being a Superstar Billing Clerk, is designed to become part of your Onboarding University. This course is based on hours of training that we have led our clients and their Billing Clerks through!

This is the course that your Billing Clerk will receive, and it includes everything they need to work productively and profitably from the start!

💥 Chapter 1: The Financial Team💥 Chapter 2: Understanding Different Types of Billing💥 Chapter 3: Law Firms & Trust Accounts💥 Chapter 4: Tackling Accounts Receivables💥 Chapter 5: Tracking and Reporting Metrics💥 Chapter 6: Creating Good Routines and Habits
💥Chapters 7: Maintaining and Improving The Financial Systems

Each Chapter comes with corresponding videos with tips and tricks to supplement the 50+ page Billing Clerk Systems Manual which includes policies, procedures, template emails, scripts, examples, spreadsheets, and more! 


The Billing Clerk Package also includes calls to set you up for success. 

🤩 The first call is 15 minutes with the Owner or Admin and one of our Systems Coaches to outline where you are and some of your most urgent pain points. 
🤩 The second and third calls are 30 minutes each between your billing clerk and our Systems Coaches to help them fine-tune and implement!  
🤩 The final call is 15 minutes again with the Owner or Admin to circle round and give feedback and discuss next steps. 

We are on a mission to spark change around the world by helping businesses run more profitably with systems.  The materials in this Billing Clerk Package have helped hundreds of business owners recoup thousands of dollars of A/R and develop solid billing systems so cash flow is consistent and the business is more profitable.

Get the package today and start building your dream business running on systems.

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